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  • Love is…
  • 1. Addiction - strong, anxious, attachment. Clinging behavior. Anxiety at thought of losing partner.
  • Complementary roles: Addict & Co-dependent
  • 2. Art - Love of partner for physical attractiveness. Importance to person of partner's always looking good. Treating partner as a museum piece.
  • Complementary roles: Admirer of Art & "Work of art"
  • 3. Business - Relationships are a business proposition. Money is power. Each partner has (his/her) place.
  • Complementary roles: Partners in business or Proprietor & Customer
  • 4. Fantasy - Often expects to be saved by a knight in whinging armor or to marry a princess.
  • Complementary roles: Person in need of salvation & Imagined Savior
  • 5. Games and Sports - Love is a game
  • Complementary roles: Winner & Loser
  • 6. Gardening- Relationship needs to be continually nurtured and tended to. Relationships that are ignored will die.
  • Complementary roles: Gardener & Garden
  • 7. Government - Relationships are about power. In relationships. as in all else, there are those who control and those who are controlled.
  • Complementary roles: Governor & Governed
  • 8. Horror - Relationships become interesting when you terrorize (or are terrorized by) your partner.
  • Complementary roles: Terrorizer & Victim
  • 9. Mystery - Love is a mystery and you shouldn't let too much of yourself be known.
  • Complementary roles: Sleuth & Mystery Figure
  • 10. Police - You've got to keep close tabs on your partner to make sure he/she toes the line.
  • Complementary roles: Police Officer & Suspect
  • 11. Pornography - Love is dirty. To love is to degrade or be degraded.
  • Complementary roles: Pornography addict * Object
  • 12. Recovery - Survivor mentality. View that after past trauma, person can get through practically anything.
  • Complementary roles: Survivor 1 & Survivor 2
  • 13. Religion - Either views love as a religion, or love as a set of feelings and activities dictated by religion.
  • Complementary roles: Person in need of salvation & Savior
  • 14. Theater - Love is scripted, with predictable acts, scenes, and lines.
  • Complementary roles: Actor/Actress & Audience
  • 15. War - Love is a series of battles in a devastating war.
  • Complementary roles: Victim & Vanquished
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